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Gretchen Leachman portrait

Gretchen Leachman

For local artist Gretchen Leachman, her artistic abilities come naturally, it’s in her blood.  Growing up with artists as parents, creativeness has been a natural way of life. Gretchen’s talents and choice of medium seem to be limitless. She has beautiful creations made from wire, acrylic and oil based paints, watercolor, clay and more. Dependent upon the day and the mood, she may choose pottery, sewing or knitting as her favorite medium. Her jewelry pieces have been featured in many local boutiques and regional publications.

She has an appreciation and an eye for all things vintage that is reflected in her work as well as her personal style. You may spy her drinking from a coffee mug bearing a portrait of Wonder Woman or wearing an outfit resembling one of her favorite classic movie stars. Gretchen is a native of Kentucky and a graduate of Western Kentucky University. She currently resides in Louisville, with her husband, Charles, daughters Anna and Audrey, and their rescue dog, Oliver.  Her unique designs can be found in many of the coolest shops in town but we are proud to say that TheBestofKentucky.com is now the exclusive online shop for her work!

We chose Gretchen as the featured artist for April because of her passion for life, her passion for art, her passion for enduring simplicity and form.  She just oozes style, grace, joy and charm – our Kentucky Audrey Hepburn.

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